I am a photographer and videographer. I have been taking photos since I started taking my camera to college nearly twenty years ago. Since then, I have been a music photographer during University, whilst working with the Glasgow University Photographic Society to develop up-and-coming talent and teach newcomers the skills of photography.  I have completed a number of creative projects for myself and others.

Whilst in University,  living in Glasgow, I developed a taste for, and interest in, whisky. Since returning to England, I started writing about whisky which developed into hosting tastings, expanding my repertoire and learning more about other spirits, gin and rum amongst them. I have also developed my photography along these lines and worked with product photography and documenting the processes and places involved with whisky.

More recently I have been working with the fitness industry as a photographer to bring portfolios and promotional ideas to fruition. It is important to me to help show the people working in this industry in their best light, to show them as they deserve to be shown, to show them as people that want to bring out the best in you. I have also been developing my interest in horticulture with floral portraiture and garden photography

I am available to work with you as a photographer and videographer in any field, I am always keen to push my boundaries and work with you on any projects you have in mind. I am also available for whisky and spirits events, for tastings, whether in small informal settings, bigger corporate events, or as a bar consultant.


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In Glasgow, where I lived for eight years, I found there were always two drinks guaranteed in any drinking establishment: Tennents Lager, and whisky. After trying Tennents I decided that whisky was the way to go. From these humble beginnings, a deep passion for the art and science behind whisky was born. For the last seven years I have been writing and talking about whisky and other spirits, for specialist retailers, corporate events and private groups.

If you would like any further information on events, tastings or bar consultations that I can help you with, please contact me through the Find Me page.


I have been taking photographs for nearly twenty years, and have more recently been using the same skills to create short films and collections, which I view as long photographs, giving more context to the images.

I would love to hear from you if you're working on any projects which might require my photographic skills so please contact me through the Find Me page to tell me what you're looking for, and to find out more about hiring me for an event or portfolio shoot.