Happy Second Birthday, BREATHE!

A little over two years ago, Breathe Studios, Farnham's Boutique Gym opened as a small and independent studio, aiming to bring a pure workout ethic to Surrey - designed with minimal equipment, bodyweight exercises and High Intensity Interval Training, the idea was to give people the skills and enthusiaasm to help chnage their lives, to become the best versions of themselves. Through the three forms of Ride, Sculpt and Move; incorporating yoga, MMA inspiring punchbag workouts, primal movements, alongide more traditional calisthenics and bodyweight based sessions, Breathe aimed to stretch, strengthen and hone your body and mind. Now two years old, their strength lies in their community; non judgemental, friendly and inviting, and their place in the community, at the heart of Farnham. I have had the pleasure of working, and working out, with them for just over a year and I bring you a selection of portraits of their trainers along with their second birthday special workout, Unity.

ben matthews