Droning on about YouTube...


I picked up a drone (the DJI Mavic Pro [in a nice shiny apline white]) in December last year and have been having an amazing time flying with it. The plan is to get my "permission for aerial work" shortly (the equivalent of a drone license for any work I'll be paid for) but mostly I'm just learning how to get great footage from it first. I have added a new gallery to the website, and linked it in the takes section, along with all my other photographic and cinematography work.


I have also been working on developing my YouTube channel, which has been predominantly my short films and my work for other people so far. I am starting to produce some tutorial videos on cinematography and photography technique, alongside some vlogs on some of the shoots I do and some of the adventures I go on. Please subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with any new work I put up.

ben matthews