A Sojourn to Greece

I've just returned for 10 days in the Mani Peninsula, mainland Greece, in a village called Kardamyli. It was a truly amazing experience. This time, we decided to explore the local area on foot and by paddleboard, but last year we explored more of the peninsula by car. I would thoroughly recommend it as a destination! Was a very calming break, spending a lot of time on the beach, stacking stones and watching people. Back to real life again now...


I hope you like the photos and video, to see more, head over to the Travel section.

A Trip to Cornwall

I've updated the Travel section of Takes with photos from my most recent trip to Cornwall and a trip last year. We were in and around the Rock/Padstow area and got a chance to explore the amazing beaches! i also learnt (if you can call it that) to surf... The whole area is astonishingly beautiful, and it makes me wonder why it took me so long to explore the area!


To see more, just head over to the Travel gallery, and have a look!

A wet and muddy Yoga Session...

I spent a very wet and muddy Sunday evening with Charlotte Temple this week, filming and photographing a few of her yoga flows, to help her develop her portfolio for her website. She was an exemplary model, willing to literally get her hands dirty for photographs that she felt best expressed her work.


The videos are available on her instagram, and will be available on her website as soon as it's updated. More of the photographs are now in my fitness gallery.

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Good things are coming...

I'll be using this page to update you with any additions to my website, any events, tastings or presentations I'll be giving and finally any generally newsworthy type news that I wish to impart... However, at the moment, the biggest news is the launch of my website, my branding and general rebirth of all things Little Tipple. keep your eyes peeled!

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